geyser pan - boiling on another level
geyser pan - boiling at a new level

 Kassan är tom

Obviously I wasn´t the only one...

having problems boiling my pasta - I found this article from 1991 just the other day... Q & A: Chicago Tribune  (it´s about boiling pasta, and it also explains the physics behind overboiling).

Laws of nature

The starch in pasta reacts similar to the fat in milk when boiling, it makes a thin layer at the top of the fluid... That layer acts like a lid, and when the fluid starts to boil it pushes that layer in the only possible direction - upwards.

Fluids has a lot of characteristics, except being wet - one of them is to find the easiest way forward. Or out, when boiled in a pan. In a regular pan the easiest way out is up, or vertically, which sometimes results in overboiling.

The easiest way out in a geyser pan is to the side, or horizontally. This results in a small temperature decrease which stops the boiling process and calms the surface down a bit - no overboiling. Simple as that.

Backer contest

Any backer of this campaign on Kickstarter who have skills in industrial design can submit their own design proposal if they want. When the campaign is over, all backers can vote for their favorite design before production is started.

Lets make this become the first crowdfunded and maybe even backer-designed pasta pan (that doesn´t boil over) in the world!