geyser pan - boiling on another level
geyser pan - boiling at a new level

 Kassan är tom

Regular vs Geyser pan

The ultimate boiling battle :)

With lid 1


With lid 2


Without lid



Boiling with the lid on is kind to the environment

It´s more efficient to boil with the lid on, and that´s kind to the planet. It´s not much savings per occasion, but it will count in the long run.




Geyser pan is soon to be funded on Kickstarter - a maximum of 998 handmade units will be made.

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Around 1980-1981

Almost every day in high school I cooked some pasta when coming home from school. Most of the times this ended in overboiling, and I became tired of cleaning the stove every time.

Since I didn´t like cleaning stoves, and also was a little bit lazy (as many teenagers) I thought that there must be a solution to avoid these overboiling situations. And there was. A year or two later I made a working prototype proving the concept, became completely satisfied with the results of this first prototype, and the idea was put in a drawer.

Around 2006-2008

A Swedish patent were granted. One of the largest cookware companys in Sweden decided to add this pan as top of the line in their soon to be released series of pans. The company owner/CEO loved it, the product manager also loved it, but the designer that had designed the rest of the series didn´t. Anyway, new prototypes were made, but before anything was sealed in writing, the owner/president of the company suddenly died. This very tragic circumstance stopped the cooperation before it even started, and the idea went back to the drawer.

And now it´s 2022 - time flies

Almost 15 years since the last try it´s time to test a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. This seems to be a honest, nice and fun way of financing new products, and therefore it´s worth a try.

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